Free backpacks with well child check ups at Denver Harbor Family Clinic*

Never again wonder if your child’s development is on track. Schedule check ups for your children and you’ll be confident that you’re giving them a healthy start in life.

There is usually no cost to families for well child check ups. They are covered by Medicaid/CHIP and most private insurance plans.

Plus children ages 3 to 13 will receive a free backpack stocked with school supplies when they get their well child check ups  (Well Check Exam – Examen de Pasos Sanos) at Vecino’s Denver Harbor Family Clinic by August 9th (extended!) through August 16th!

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*Free backpacks with Well Check Exams available only through August 9, 2019  extended through August 16th!

Don’t worry about the cost of well child check ups

Well Check Exams are covered by Medicaid/CHIP and most other health plans. That means no cost to families.

At Vecino Health Centers, we want to make sure every child in Houston gets the pediatric physical exams they need to thrive. If your children do not have insurance, ask about our Financial Assistance Program.


Give your children the gift of health with regular check ups

During a well child visit, the doctor gives your child a pediatric physical exam. This means the doctor checks things like child’s height, weight, and heart rate, and does a few other simple tests.

At a well child exam for younger children, the doctor also asks questions about how a child plays, speaks, acts and moves.

The doctor might also talk and play a little with your child during the well child check. All of this is part of the developmental milestone screening. Your doctor is just checking to see if your child learns and grows like other children her age, or if she needs a little extra help. If your child needs extra help, your doctor will get you the services you need.

Older children who plan to play sports at school usually take care of their sports physical at the same time as their well child exam.

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